Become a Member

Who can be a member of MSCU

Do your values guide everything you do? Do you want to share, save, and spend your money in connection with your values? If you answered yes to these questions, then we are the financial partner you are looking for!

So, who can be a member?
If any of the descriptions below sound like you, call us today about becoming a member!*

  • I'm a member of a Mennonite, Amish or Brethren in Christ church.
  • I go to a Mennonite, Amish or Brethren in Christ church, although I'm not a baptized member.
  • I really identify with and share your faith-based values, but I don't go to an Anabaptist church.
  • I’m an employee, volunteer or an individual served by an MSCU member church or church-based organization.
  • We’re a church, association, institution or organization founded by or significantly related to Mennonite, Amish and Brethren in Christ churches.
  • We’re a business or cooperative where the majority of owners are MSCU members.

Call or visit a local branch for more information about membership eligibility.

*All new members will be asked to embrace our Statement of Shared Convictions as central to our philosophy of service at MSCU.

Mennonite World Conference has translated the Statement of Shared Convictions into many languages. You can view the Statement in French, German, or Spanish.

Though many of the products offered at Mennonite Savings and Credit Union are like those you can find at most banks, the way we offer them is unique. At MSCU, one member's deposits become another member's loan; every member has a vote; and staff and members share fundamental values of stewardship and concern. If you have just joined MSCU, welcome – you're in good company.

Why Join MSCU?

  • MSCU is committed to applying the biblical concepts of stewardship, economic justice and service in our day-to-day economic lives and financial transactions.
  • As a member of MSCU, you are part of a Christian financial cooperative that supports church and community-based charities through a number of stewardship initiatives.
  • Your needs come first - you have our commitment to treat you with dignity, respect and concern.
  • MSCU is a contemporary vehicle for continuing and building our commitment to responsible stewardship of all resources and to being responsive to needs within our communities.
  • Your funds are secure. Not only are your funds invested in quality loans to your fellow members, but deposits are also insured through the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario (DICO). This insurance is equivalent to, and in some ways superior to, the coverage offered by the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC).

How to Join

The easiest way to open a membership is to visit a local branch and bring the following information with you:

  • Canadian Identification – birth certificate, Driver's Licence, Passport, or any similar record issued by the provincial, territorial, or federal government
  • Social Insurance Number
  • $25 for your Member Share investment – this investment is not a fee; it's an investment representing your ownership in the credit union. This investment belongs to you, and is refundable to you when you close your MSCU membership. Member Shares are required for each membership, but not for sub-accounts within an existing membership.
  • If you are opening a joint account, all signers are required to bring identification and Social Insurance Cards.

If you are opening a business account, additional documentation is required – please contact your local branch.