2.4 million thank-yous

February 22, 2012 - This year we've shared a record $2.4 million of earnings with our members. That’s a whole lot of thank-yous!

As a member-owned cooperative, sharing our earnings makes us different than most other Financial institutions. Members with loans or deposits get a return on their business. With a $150,000 mortgage at 4% interest Wendy would receive $267* - effectively reducing her rate to 3.8%. WOW!

We’re grateful for our members’ ongoing commitment and deep loyalty. Sharing our earnings is just one way we can say “thank-you.”

If you’re interested in membership, call us today to learn more about the MSCU difference.

Since our beginnings in 1964 MSCU has shared over $24 million in earnings with our members.

* We respect our members’ right to privacy; all amounts are for illustration purposes only. Wendy is a real member, and the exact amount she received is her business.